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Welcome to Topchick Productions

Unique handcrafted gifts for the young at heart. We make minifigure and scrabble art as well as creating very special lamps from upcycled vintage tea and coffee pots.

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Our Story

My name is Michelle.  I grew up on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, spending most of my spare time on the beach and swimming in the sea.

My BBC job took me to the UK. I always had a creative side but between work and raising 2 sons, I never seemed to be able to get time to make much more than the occasional card! The job was getting increasingly stressful – being a news editor in a city like Manchester wasn’t all sunshine and oranges, so needed to find a way to relax.  

There was a shed in the garden which had been a playhouse, so I converted it into a workshop and sat on a stool waiting for inspiration. This was when I spotted a box of minifigures left over from the playhouse days and made my first handmade picture as a gift for a family member who wanted to be a chef.

And that was it!

My life as an artisan producer was born!

Thousands of figures later the workshop, which has now been moved back home to Guernsey, resembles Frankenstein’s laboratory with trays of body parts! My favourite orders are where I’m asked to recreate someone as a minifigure. I love the reaction when the finished picture is sent for final approval. My other great love is teapots, coffee pots and ‘proper’ teacups. I love them! So much nicer than what you get today. But cupboards couldn’t take the strain with all the rescued pottery coming home so I needed to find something to do with them. After a fair bit of trial and error using plates to get used to drilling the ceramic (resulting in lots of broken dishes!) the upcycled tea and coffee pot lamps were born. No two of my artisan product designs are the same. Each piece is unique as they are created using vintage pots and cups.

To be able to give a new lease of life and purpose to a beautiful piece of ceramic is hugely satisfying. The stories they could tell!


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